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Children ask so many questions: Why is the sky blue?  Why is the grass green?  Why can’t I ride my bike in the street?  Why do we have to eat those vegetables?  Why do I have to take a bath?  Why do I have to go to bed?  Why?  Why? Why? We want to answer all the questions that our children ask - even though they ask the same ones again and again and again.  And we get frustrated as we gather age-appropriate books and journal articles and websites to provide the answers to these never-ending questions.  

But what if the “why” questions weren’t so conventional?  Consider these “why” questions: Why do I have to take this medicine?  Why can’t I read like the other kids in my class?  Why do I have to wear these leg braces?  Why does it hurt when I breathe?  Why am I so sad or scared or angry or short or tall? Where do we find the answers to those questions?  How do we answer those questions so that our children will understand what we are saying?  What words do we use in reply?

Until now, we had to rely on the medical or educational community to answer for us.  
Until now, we had to digest the information and translate it into words that our children might understand.   
Until now, we had to hope that we were able to give an explanation that satisfied our children.
Until now, we used adult resources to answer our children’s challenging questions.

Now that has changed!

The Elijah Foundation offers answers for your children.  
The Elijah Foundation offers resources for your children.
The Elijah Foundation offers support for your children.

And, the Elijah Foundation is available to you. On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, I welcome you to partner with us as we work together for the sake of our children.

Susan Pollack,
President of the Board
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